• What is the Education Division?

    A major function of the Board is protection of the consumer through education. The goal is the educational preparation of safe and competent practitioners. It is the Board's philosophy that visionary and innovative leadership in the development of educational standards will prepare licensees for safe practice.

    The Board's Education Division is responsible for:

    • the approval of vocational nursing and psychiatric technician programs, including approval of faculty and facilities utilized by the VN and PT programs;

      Pursuant to regulations that became effective July 1, 2000, the Board has authority to place vocational nursing and psychiatric technician programs on provisional approval. Provisional approval means that a program has not met all requirements as set forth in Article 5 of the Vocational Nursing or Psychiatric Technician Rules and Regulations. Provisional approval status is implemented in accordance with sections 2526.1 and 2530(l) of the Vocational Nursing Rules and Regulations and sections 2581.1 and 2585(l) of the Psychiatric Technician Rules and Regulations. Provisional approval is temporary. While on provisional approval, a program must work toward full regulatory compliance. Once full compliance is achieved, full approval status may be reinstated by the Board. If full compliance is not achieved, the Board may remove the program from its list of approved programs. It is important to note that a student who graduates from a program that is on provisional approval is still eligible to take the licensure examination. For questions regarding a specific program that holds provisional approval, contact the Board's Education Division at (916) 263-7843.

  • Approved Vocational Nursing Programs
  • Continued Program Approval Application Process
  • Disclaimer on Unapproved Nursing Programs
  • Education Forms
  • NCLEX/PN Examination Passing Standard
  • Pass Rates

    The California approved programs with corresponding licensure examination pass rates are listed here. For more detailed information on a specific program, contact the program directly.

  • Proposed Program Application Process
  • Recruitment for Psychiatric Technician Content Matter Expert
  • Tuition Costs for BVNPT Approved Schools/Programs