California Vocational Nursing Program

Licensure Examination Pass Rates

The California approved vocational nursing programs with corresponding licensure examination pass rates are listed below. For more detailed information on a specific school, contact the school directly.

DCA License Search has list of addresses and telephone numbers of California approved vocational nursing programs.


Pursuant to the California Education Code, Section 94816, schools are required by law to disclose the passage rates of their "graduates in the program for the most recent calendar year that ended no less than six months prior to the date of disclosure on any licensure or certificate examination required by the state."

Because the state licensing test is provided "on demand" throughout the year, the Board statistics listed below include applicants who may have graduated from prior classes other than the most recent calendar year. The Board is not reporting the pass rates of only the most recent graduating class. Therefore, the Board pass rates reported here may not correspond to the passage rates reported by the programs.

Vocational Nursing Programs

Previous 5 Year Pass Rates

A list of Psychiatric Technician Pass Rates.